November 14, 2011

Miss November Unique Vintage Pinup Girl: Jennifer Forster

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Name: Jennifer Forster 

From: Louisville, KY

Bio: My story starts out in the down home state of Kentucky, where I was born and raised. With the horses and the bluegrass, the countryside and the sweet demeanor of the people that have lived there their entire lives, Kentucky is absolutely beautiful. Up until six years ago, I believed I would live out my years there too in a small town with a good old country boy. Then I met my husband. He is completely the opposite of everything I had grown up with. He is a nerdy, video game-loving, big city kind of guy, and we were meant to be together from the moment we laid eyes on each other in our sophomore year of high school. He was not into the typical Kentucky way of life…horseback riding, hanging out in the barn, and getting down and dirty out on the farm. He inspired me to achieve more than what a small town could provide. So after we graduated from high school, we moved to Chicago to pursue our careers. Now I am a college graduate with a license to practice as a veterinary technician and we were married this October.

Ambitions: As a young girl I always loved animals and was always there for any little critter running around lost, hurt, or just needing a friend. As a little ginger-haired and freckled faced girl, I carried home many mangy little strays, much to my parents’ dismay. My biggest ambition in life is to become a veterinarian. I not only want to help the animals, but I want to help the owners understand how to better care for their precious companions. I have already put myself through school and have become a veterinary technician, but it would put the icing on the cupcake if I got accepted into veterinary school!

Favorite Vintage Accessory: It’s hard to narrow down what my favorite accessory. But if I have to make a choice, it’s gonna be my pearls. I could definitely wear pearls with just about anything! They make everything a little more sophisticated. And who can forget the high heels?! I love the way they make my legs look so long and sexy :}

Favorite Pinup Icon: Rita Hayworth was a beauty icon for all women in the 40′s. She was a gorgeous pin up girl for our servicemen, and a very successful film star. She was so beautiful inside and out. And although she had many difficulties in her personal life, she shined above all of them and had an amazing career. And to top it off, she was a dynamite redhead.

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