March 7, 2013

Vintage Inspired Fashion – The Fabulous Fei Fei Sun

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If you don’t know the name Fei Fei Sun, then you are in for a charming treat.  The Chinese born model is gracing the pages of Vogue Italia and giving us subsequent chills in the process.  In a spread that evokes a 1960’s Camelot sensibility, the cover is a striking Houndstooth print, complimented by the work of a clearly very gifted hairstylist.  This flawless cover is only the beginning. Let us walk you through the many ways that this spread screams vintage-inspired fashion.

Mid century fashion was often defined by the introduction of the Chanel suit and modern apparel hasn’t stayed too far from the Chanel-laid path.  An updated Matador style jacket is complimented by a crisp white blouse and high -waist pencil skirt.  A fresh twist on a timeless look.

Like we said, the hairstylist for this shoot should be given all of the awards.  A “60’s girl group” beehive often pushes any look from period specific to perhaps a bit too literal, but the shape of her face compliments even the highest of beehives.  The off the shoulder neckline is a staple of mid-century fashion but is given new life in a more contemporary print.

A simple black dress is a given in any type of retro shoot, but what makes this look more of a stunner is the modern cut to the dress and its choice of accessories.  The added cigarette may appear controversial to contemporary eyes, but adds authenticity to the spread.

The most striking images of the group definitely move the pictures into 2013- with hints of the past throughout.  The lines in the hairstyling compliment each of the looks- providing an avant-garde breath within an otherwise classically styled spread.   The lines of the carefully crafted makeup pop in that way only a cat-eye can.

Perhaps our favorite of the series, a stunning column of yellow is complimented by a stunning soft pink lip- perfectly combining vintage sensibilities with hints of modernity.  The gold accents in accessories and white bow heels are not only stunning but hand picked for this outfit as though Jacqueline Kennedy had a say in this.

With the introduction of Elizabeth Taylor’s “Cleopatra” into society, the mid sixties were rich with ornate neck detailing and even more stunning jewelry.  This contemporary take on this shift in fashion is a clear indicator of its influence on fashion then and now.

The streamline Trapeze shape in the late 1950’s became a staple of silhouette for most of the 1960’s as well and is shown here in a very modern fabric choice: leather.  The volume of the top is contrasted by a timeless pencil skirt as a nod to mid-century authenticity but still manages to look very current.  The bronze accents in the jewelry give this look a rich feel as well.

In what may be a nod to Audrey Hepburn’s love of Givenchy and Richard Avedon, the addition of the hat perhaps points out the lost art of accessorizing.  From the gloves, to the seemingly simple dress, the look is put together in a way only the 60’s could have provided.

Vogue Italia not only gave us a feast for the eyes, but a timeless look at both the past and future of fashion.  The present state of fashion is what you see before you- being photographed by a stunning model and styled to perfection.  But like you see above, a two-piece suit, topped off with gloves and a red lip, was a staple of a bygone era, but remains a beacon of style for a reason.

The future of fashion is not as unfamiliar as you may think.

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