January 30, 2012

Sarina’s “Unique” Story

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(In Sue Wong at Pierre Gagnaire)

It’s hard to believe that only weeks ago we were in Paris celebrating our 2 year anniversary…strolling along the Seine, sipping café au lait and noshing on croissants. Our days did not start without a proper le petit dejeuner consisting of assorted pastries, baguettes, cheeses and the proper accoutrements to which to spread on these marvels.

We caught the 6pm flight out of JFK and landed in Paris at around 7:30am. Exhausted, weary and struggling to adjust to the new time zone, we dragged our corpses into a taxi at the airport. As we approached the epicenter of the city, I couldn’t help but notice the impeccably dressed locals.  Whether they were bicycling to work, taking out their dogs for a stroll, or like us – experiencing the city – they were absolutely polished.  It was the cusp of the summer transition into fall.   It was still somewhat warm out, but the crisp note in the air was still felt.  I in my denim shorts & J’ador cochon t shirt seemed rather out of place among the dark trench coats and wool blazers, but fortunately for us…the weather fluctuated so much that the addition of a sweater to a summer dress was enough to get me through the temperamental days.  I had a bevy of Unique Vintage dresses in my arsenal.

On our first day, we decided to stroll along the Seine to take in the local scenery.  My Bernie Dexter cherry swing dress certainly stood out against the stark black and gray hues that the locals were sporting.  I remember that day like it was yesterday.  The weather was mild in the beginning but quickly turned into a blissful 70 degrees as the evening drew to a close.  My dress was perfect.

After a sensational first day of sight seeing and an absolutely wonderful anniversary meal at Pierre Gagnaire our first night, my husband and I could not sleep a wink.

We woke up bright and early the next morning and wandered down to our Le Comptoir du Relais for another comforting feast of ham, comte, and fresh croissants with preserves.

I felt beautiful in my Bernie Dexter wiggle dress.  It was a hit with the locals.  I was actually mistaken for a local myself, which was a compliment unto itself.

A visit to the Eiffel Tower was also a must of course for any visitor.  It was absolutely breath taking.  I’m still kicking myself for not reserving tickets to actually go up to the top, but from what I was able to see from my vantage point – it was beautiful, just beautiful.

We had spent hours just walking around and taking in the scenery, breathing in what we could to make these memories last.  Seeing these pictures again make me long for Paris even more.  It’s such a magical city.

After 4 glorious fun filled days in Paris, it was time to take the show on the road.  We rented a car in the city and drove from Paris to Champagne through Dijon, Lyon where after a week’s worth of driving, ended in our final destination – Milan.

Unique Vintage helped me through the scorching 100 degrees days in Italy.  And boy was I glad I brought my Bernie Dexter playsuit with me.  Again, also a hit with the locals!

I felt like a starlet when random strangers asked to take pictures with me.  Little ole me…wow, what a feeling that was!  Surely ones that I’ll never forget for quite some time.I could go on and on and on about the amazing wonderful journey we had but this 1000 word narrative about my dresses would turn into a journal.  Ha-ha.

I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you.  It was truly a trip of a lifetime.  And what more was that not only was I able to celebrate it with my best friend, my husband, but one of my favorite clothing companies as well.  Thank you Unique Vintage for helping me make memories these possible.

xo, Sarina Harnett, www.ihrtporkfat.com

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