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UV Icon: Bettie Page

July 12, 2013 by Unique Vintage | Pin Up

bettie+page+main 800x564 UV Icon: Bettie Page

There are few icons in the Pin Up community that reach a level of supernova stardom quite like the notorious Bettie Page.

bettie+page+swim+suit+retro+pinup+vintage 800x382 UV Icon: Bettie Page

From her signature jet-black hair, to her now iconic bangs, Bettie Page will forever retain her title as the Queen of Pin Ups.

bettie+page+pinup+leopard+swim+suit+retro+vintage 800x564 UV Icon: Bettie Page

Having gained popularity amongst a rather interesting subset of culture in the 1950s, Ms. Page found herself at the forefront of provocative imagery, while maintaining her wholesome “girl-next-door” persona.

bettie+page+swim+suit+retro+pinup+bathing+suit+vintage 800x564 UV Icon: Bettie Page

Perhaps best known for her shots with Bunny Yeager in Miami, Bettie inspired one pin up after another to hit the beach with both confidence and a hint of sexuality.

bettie+page+icon+pinup+vintage+retro+model+classic 800x564 UV Icon: Bettie Page

The incomparable Bettie Page’s career spanned less than 10 years, but her lasting effect is a fabulous one.  Once a week, someone on the UV Team contemplates getting “Bettie Page bangs”- and they lovingly pose as though they were on the white sands of the Florida Keys circa 1955. Not to mention, Ms. Page has inspired such retro-inspired lines as the UV-favorite Bettie Page Clothing.

bettie+page+vintage+retro+pinup 480x600 UV Icon: Bettie Page

So throw on those stilettos and slide into some stockings as we salute a UV Icon: the one and only, Bettie Page!

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