October 24, 2011

Own the Night: Inspiration for Remaining Chic While You Sleep

Although Marilyn Monroe famously claimed she wore nothing but her Chanel No. 5 to bed, pictorial evidence proves otherwise. In fact, the hourglass silhouette of all classic film stars remains a point of inspiration for fans of vintage clothing. And just because you’re going to sleep doesn’t mean you can forget about one of the mainstays of vintage: attention to detail. Chic women everywhere don’t turn off their sense of style just because they’re turning off the lights.  If anything, it is just another opportunity to turn up the glamour.
The classic boudoir wardrobe would be incomplete without a silk kimono robe, which can easily be found at most vintage stores. This piece provides a wonderful topper to a full-length (but still sexy!) nightgown. Take your inspiration from this Carine Gilson Gabrielle option, with its short hem, bright colors, a wide belt and bell sleeves. No glamour girl would ever be caught without a pair of adorable slippers with a hint of fluff, be they with a short heel or flat like this pair from Debenhams. A soft silk eye mask like this Otis Batterbee peacock one, with its fun print, and a puff of powder in a time-tested scent like Angel by Thierry Mugler will finish off everything you need to feel just like Marilyn, Marlene or Rita for a few hours of much-needed beauty sleep.
Your Golden Girl,
Olive, UV Blogger and VisforOlive Creative Director
Pictured: Carine Gilson Gabrielle silk-satin and lace kimono - net-a-porter.com, Jenny Packham Lace-trimmed silk-chiffon gown - net-a-porter.com, Black Closed Toe Mule Slipper - debenhams.com, Angel by Thierry Mugler Perfumed Body Powder - nordstrom.com, Unique Vintage Izlla Lavender Flora Botanical Mist - www.unique-vintage.com, Otis Batterbee Turquoise Caesar Liberty Print Eye Mask - liberty.co.uk
October 3, 2011



October 1st marks the first day of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. According to statistics, there will be 230,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer  in 2011. One in 8 women will be diagnosed in the U.S. It is a real and upsetting statistic. You will most likely have a family member or friend who will get breast cancer at some point in your life. My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor and it wasn’t until we found out that she had cancer, that we decided to become educated.

This month, however, isn’t a time to be sad. It is a time to empower women to take control of their health and become educated about breast cancer. Here are some basic breast health steps from the Susan G. Komen website:

* Know your family health history

*Have a mammogram every year starting at the age of 40

*Have a clinical breast exam at LEAST every 3 years starting at 20

*Self Exams- know how your breast look and feel and report changes to your doctor right away

Most insurance companies cover mammograms and some places such as a local health departments offer screenings at a low cost or for free. Here is a link for centers: http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfMQSA/mqsa.cfm

Early detection and screening is key to lowering the risk of dying from breast cancer. Screenings can find cancer early on and most cases, it is treatable. Let’s stand up and support breast cancer awareness, and most of all, find a CURE!

Check out Unique Vintage’s Breast Cancer Awareness items to help the cause (click on umbrella):

Amanda Terry, UV Blogger