October 24, 2011

Own the Night: Inspiration for Remaining Chic While You Sleep

Although Marilyn Monroe famously claimed she wore nothing but her Chanel No. 5 to bed, pictorial evidence proves otherwise. In fact, the hourglass silhouette of all classic film stars remains a point of inspiration for fans of vintage clothing. And just because you’re going to sleep doesn’t mean you can forget about one of the mainstays of vintage: attention to detail. Chic women everywhere don’t turn off their sense of style just because they’re turning off the lights.  If anything, it is just another opportunity to turn up the glamour.
The classic boudoir wardrobe would be incomplete without a silk kimono robe, which can easily be found at most vintage stores. This piece provides a wonderful topper to a full-length (but still sexy!) nightgown. Take your inspiration from this Carine Gilson Gabrielle option, with its short hem, bright colors, a wide belt and bell sleeves. No glamour girl would ever be caught without a pair of adorable slippers with a hint of fluff, be they with a short heel or flat like this pair from Debenhams. A soft silk eye mask like this Otis Batterbee peacock one, with its fun print, and a puff of powder in a time-tested scent like Angel by Thierry Mugler will finish off everything you need to feel just like Marilyn, Marlene or Rita for a few hours of much-needed beauty sleep.
Your Golden Girl,
Olive, UV Blogger and VisforOlive Creative Director
Pictured: Carine Gilson Gabrielle silk-satin and lace kimono - net-a-porter.com, Jenny Packham Lace-trimmed silk-chiffon gown - net-a-porter.com, Black Closed Toe Mule Slipper - debenhams.com, Angel by Thierry Mugler Perfumed Body Powder - nordstrom.com, Unique Vintage Izlla Lavender Flora Botanical Mist - www.unique-vintage.com, Otis Batterbee Turquoise Caesar Liberty Print Eye Mask - liberty.co.uk
October 5, 2011

Bring On the Weather


Here are Unique Vintage headquarters in Burbank, CA, we’re experiencing the season’s first real rainfall…and we’re loving it! There’s nothing better than curling up on a cold, rainy day with big cup of cocoa and a good movie…except maybe a brand new winter coat and a pair of killer boots!

To commemorate this once in a blue-moon rainfall (local forecast says it’s back to 90 degrees by Sunday!), we’ve put together some rainy day essentials that’ll keep you fashionably dry and oh so cute.






September 26, 2011

Fashions from The Help


When I saw The Help, I figured I would laugh, cry and want to go home and read the book A.S.A.P. What I did not expect was the sudden urge to hit the mall with a new silhouette in mind! This movie is beautifully created, with Emma Stone at the center giving, in my opinion, one of her strongest performances to date. The message is adequately portrayed by this stellar cast of mostly women. But the fashions in this film were an unexpected gift that I just can’t get enough of!

Every type of womanly shape was shown in this movie, from the classic a-line styles to the slim pencil skirt that keeps everything in just the right place.

To quench your own retro fashion desires, here are some of our favorite ’50s style dresses, that are sure to give you that timeless feel:

-Emily Fogarty