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When creating a modern pinup look, discovering whom you want to personify is key. Some famous pinups of yesteryear are:

*The blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe

*The feminine and stoic beauty Grace Kelly

*The playful and minimalist icon Audrey Hepburn

*The sexy and powerful leading lady Marlene Dietrich

*The quintessential 1950’s American sweetheart Debbie Reynolds

*The ultra chic flapper and mysterious Louise Brooks

As a professional Makeup Artist and Hairstylist with Unique Vintage, I have been teaching Vintage Beauty and Corrective Makeup Artistry techniques for the last decade. So I’m excited to now share my knowledge of makeup with all of you Unique Vintage fans! Each week I will choose a different 1930’s through 1960’s notable female icon, and show you how to modernize and transform their most famous attributes into your own. In using some of my favorite makeup techniques, hairstyles and clothing styles, you’ll be ready to unleash your own modern pinup look!



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