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Fashions from The Help

September 26, 2011 by Unique Vintage | Prom

the help 202x300 Fashions from The Help

When I saw The Help, I figured I would laugh, cry and want to go home and read the book A.S.A.P. What I did not expect was the sudden urge to hit the mall with a new silhouette in mind! This movie is beautifully created, with Emma Stone at the center giving, in my opinion, one of her strongest performances to date. The message is adequately portrayed by this stellar cast of mostly women. But the fashions in this film were an unexpected gift that I just can’t get enough of!

the help movie 2 300x225 Fashions from The Help

Every type of womanly shape was shown in this movie, from the classic a-line styles to the slim pencil skirt that keeps everything in just the right place.

To quench your own retro fashion desires, here are some of our favorite ’50s style dresses, that are sure to give you that timeless feel:

19471larger 200x300 Fashions from The Help19333newlarger 200x300 Fashions from The Help17164larger 200x300 Fashions from The Help-Emily Fogarty