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Photoshopped to Perfection

I recently came across a  photo of Madonna on the Internet and it was a real eye opener. When looking for an image of “beauty” it's hard not to try to compare yourself to the celebrities and models you see on magazines. After all, you buy the magazine in order to attain the secrets on how to look beautiful. Is it fair that they Photoshop the celebrities so much that it's physically impossible for anyone to ever achieve that type of perfection? What happened to real beauty and loving yourself for who you are? It's easy to get lost in all these "fake" images and trying to compare yourself to these magazine covers. They are everywhere.

I have to admit, seeing this photo made me kind of smile inside. Don’t get me wrong, I think Madonna is awesome, but it's so relieving to see the “truth”. These celebrities and models are real and normal, and they aren’t perfect. So the next time you see a magazine, and wish you could look like that, remember that anyone can be “Photoshopped to perfection”.


Amanda Terry, UV Blogger

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