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Prom 2013 Makeup Tutorial: Barbie Pink Lips

March 22, 2013 by Unique Vintage | Prom

Are you going bold for Prom? Bright pink makes an excellent primary or accent color for your perfect Prom look. One way to incorporate this haute hue is in your Prom makeup!

Watch as our makeup artist Shanna walks you through the steps to create the perfect Barbie pink lip to complete your Prom look. Once you have the steps down, try for yourself!

Prom 2013 Makeup Tutorial: Barbie Pink Lips

This Barbie pink lipstick look will make a statement while leaving your lips kissably colored! This gorgeous shade is on-trend this season and best of all, extremely versatile. If you’re wearing a pink Prom dress you can match with a pink lip. Or you can make your lips pop by using pink as an accent color along with your black Prom dress, silver Prom dress, blue Prom dress, or even green Prom dress!

What amazing color combo are you going for this Prom?

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