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Prom Dresses for Prom 2013 - Your Ultimate Guide to Prom

Prom is just around the corner and with so many decisions to make about what to wear, it's time to get to work, girl! But don't worry if you're completely clueless about what color or style dress will look best on you. This Dress Guide is tailored to point you in the perfect direction. Let's get started!

Match Your Dress Color with Your Complexion

There is a rainbow of dress options available, but it's important to know which shades best flatter your complexion. And it's really not that hard to figure out either. Basically, you have a "cool", "warm", or "neutral" skin tone. So, what category do you fall under? If you have a cool tone then your skin will have pink or blue undertones and any visible veins will look blue. That being said, colder colors like purples, blues, greens and pinks look great with your skin.

With a warm skin tone, you have yellow undertones and your veins will appear greenish.Warmer skin tones like olive or gold tend to look better suited in warmer colors. Reds, oranges, yellows, camels, dark browns all look great on your skin type, too.

Think you're a neutral? Then, you're the envy of everyone around you because you can pretty much wear any color your heart desires.

Choose the Best Shape for Your Body Type

Everyone has issues with their bodies, it's a fact of life! But finding the right dress for your shape can accentuate your positive attributes and downplay the ones you don't like. Before you begin your dress search, figure out what your body type is: Are you a Triangle (wider waist with smaller shoulders and fuller lower half), an Apple (average to large bust, wide waist and thin legs) or an Hourglass (moderate to large bust and hips and small waist)?

Triangle shapes look best when wearing a light color on top and a darker color on the bottom. Sleeves on a dress are also helpful since they draw the eye outward, making your shoulders appear wider, which balances out your hips.

Have an apple shaped bod? Dresses with details around the tummy area such as ruching, knotting, pleating are very flattering and work to conceal that area.

Hourglass girls need to work their waists. Find a dress with a belt or fitted waist to show off all your curves.

Find the Right Dress Within Your Budget

Not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a prom dress, nor should you have to. Unique Vintage has a wide variety of dresses to fit all budgets. There are even plenty of under $100 dresses available. Just click here to see for yourself!