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Turn Up the Volume On Your Outfit

When it comes to the art of getting dressed, clothes are obviously important. Picking out the right outfit can be frustrating and time consuming. Does it look good? Is it flattering? But there's another item that often gets overlooked...ACCESSORIES!

There's nothing worse than putting on my favorite outfit, only to look in the mirror and feel boring! Have you ever felt that way? But with the right accessories, it's actually simple to turn something plain into insane-ly fabulous!

Here are some of my favorite Unique Vintage items to help complete a look:

 Feathers and hair pins, so fun! It's an easy way to add a little flare to your hair.

Jewelry, can liven up any outfit. You don't have to go overboard and wear every piece of jewelry you own. One bold ring or necklace can do the trick.

With the weather turning crisp, scarves are so cozy nowadays and can make a statement with a basic outfit.

And what girl doesn't like a new handbag. Purses can make or break an outfit, in my opinion! Here are some of my faves:

This red bag will give your outfit just the right amount of pop:

This Koret leopard clutch adds instant, effortless chic!

Happy shopping!

xo, Amanda Terry, UV Blogger

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