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Unique Vintage Emmy Looks for Less on Fox's "Good Day LA"!

This morning, we were invited on Fox's "Good Day LA" morning program to show off some of our fantastic Emmy looks for less! UV friend and style expert, Kym Douglas, hosted the segment along with "GDLA" anchors Jillian Reynolds and Dorothy Lucey:


Even though the segment was seamless and went off without a hitch, there was still lots of hustle and bustle behind the scenes to put it all together!

8:30 am: Call time gets bumped up by 30 minutes!!!

Scramble to get all the models hair and makeup done!

9:10 am: Makeup and hair ready, our models are waiting to go into the studio:

The "Good Day LA" studio:

9:12 am: Dorothy Lucey, Kym Douglas (looking fab in Jane Krakowski's Emmy look-a-like), and Jillian Reynolds giving the Emmys' fashion rundown:

Model Hayley in Heidi Klum's leggy look-a-like:

Model Amanda in Cat Deeley's look (can't tell that this dress was waaay to big for her, can you??...Oh, the magic of clips!)

Model Genesis showing off Sofia Vergara's fiery red look for a lot less:

Model Noelle in a gorgeous blue gown reminiscent of Katie Holme's (note: all the "GDLA" gals like this dress much better than the one worn by Mrs. Cruise):

Anchor Steve Edwards posing for the camera with model Diane in her Nina Dobrev look for less:

The final line up!:

Nicely done!:

Here are links to all the dresses worn on the show:

Jane Krakowski Look