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UV Icon: Jean Harlow

July 26, 2013 by Unique Vintage | Lifestyle, Vintage Inspired

jean harlow UV Icon: Jean Harlow

Before Marilyn, there was Jean Harlow, the original “Blonde Bomshell.” She left her mark on Hollywood and pop culture with her signature platinum locks and “laughing vamp” persona.

                    jean harlow 472x600 UV Icon: Jean Harlow       jean harlow 401 574x600 UV Icon: Jean Harlow

Harlow rose to fame in the 1930s and was labeled a screen siren for her revealing costumes and quick witted dialogue. Her signature towheaded look inspired a platinum craze with many fans dying their hair to match hers.

Jean Harlow Feet 105529 581x600 UV Icon: Jean Harlow

During her short ten year career, Jean Harlow established herself as one of the silver screen’s most captivating actresses and was a key inspirational figure for both Marilyn Monroe and Madonna. Ms. Harlow, tonight we “Vogue” in your honor.

reckless jean harlow in a dress everett 462x600 UV Icon: Jean Harlow