June 5, 2012

She’s So Plastic


Here’s a DIY hair accessory if there ever was one: Head into your kitchen and grab your roll of Saran Wrap (or Glad Wrap, for that matter…hmm, wonder which one would be stickier!?) and wrap it round your head. Voila! You’ve got yourself a runway-worthy headband.

This is exactly what bridal designer Angel Sanchez adorned his models with in his 2013 bridal presentation at Bridal Fashion week. His inspiration? No, it wasn’t the leftovers he had the night before. Sanchez wanted to make his “brides” look “icy” and felt headpieces and tiaras had been there, done that: “This gives you the same kind of reflection as those typical accessories, but in a fresh and modern way. It adds a touch of fashion without being too avant-garde.”

Obviously, the model above could wear garbage in her hair and still look smashing. Ha ha…who are we kidding? She is.