August 14, 2013

UV Icon: Christina Hendricks


There are few women in this world more divine than the stunningly incomparable Christina Hendricks, gals. Whether the stunning red head is making waves as Joan Holloway on the award winning “Mad Men” or sustaining a fabulous sense of personal style, Ms. Hendricks is an inspiration to hourglass-shaped dames everywhere!


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August 12, 2013

This Week In Fab or Drab: August 5 – 9


Welcome to another edition of Fab or Drab, darlings! You emptied all of your opinions out of your purse and threw them around generously!  Let’s take a peek at this week, shall we?

Katy Perry


Ms. Perry looked a little blue at the premiere of the Smurf’s film, but between her retro dress and divine hairstyle, we had a winner on our hands. Let’s check in with you dames!

Amber Pare: “Fab! I would wear the whole outfit (including the hair style) if I could!”

Kathryn Sylvia: “Fab but my only thought was if there was ever a time to rock the blue hair the smurf movie premiere was it love the style should have been blue though”

Angela Christine McGuire: “She actually looks nice for once.” (ouch)


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August 5, 2013

This Week in Fab or Drab: July 29 – August 2


Welcome to another edition of Fab or Drab! This week, opinions were flowing like our gin on a saturday night. Let’s see how you gals did this week, shall we?

Naya Rivera



The “Glee” starlet was spotted this past week in this candy-coolred confection and was serving up the 1950s in the most fabulous way possible. We thought Ms. Rivera was channeling her inner Marilyn- let’s see what you gals had to say!

Natalie Harms: “How dare you even ask that question, she is absolutely stunning!”

Kat Lambourne: “Definitely more of butt dress then boob dress, I love the color though!”

Jennifer Gee: “Calm the hell down everyone. she looks amazing”

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July 29, 2013

This Week in Fab or Drab: July 22 – 26



Welcome to another installment of Fab or Drab, dears! We’re not sure if it’s the summer heat, but you gals were filled with opinions this week and we assume you spent the weekend sharpening your claws! Throw on your sling-backs and take a little walk with us as we peek in on this past week!

Helena Bonham Carter:



Ms. Helena Bonham Carter starred as Elizabeth Taylor in a BBC film Monday night, and to celebrate we threw a couple of promo shots at you dames. Your thoughts?

Darcce Hodgen: “Helena bonham carter is amazing no matter what she does”

Amanda Hunt: “Anything is better than Lindsay. but Helena is marvelous in every way.”

Jodie Wilson: “I love HBC, but she looks more like Delta Burke.”

Kimberly Wyatt:kimberlywyatt

We joke and said we had no idea who she was. In reality, we saw a 1960′s dress and Jayne Mansfield hair and couldn’t Google her fast enough. Let’s see what you fabulous ladies thought!

Jacquelyn  Halda: “Makes me think of Grease: How do I look? Like a beautiful, blonde…. pineapple!”

Izzi Jensen: “As a blonde I think yellow is dangerous. She’s beautiful but looks a tad like tweety pie”

Rachel Doherty: “I love the look, actually, but a black clutch!? Coordinating neutrals is elementary, my dears.”

Jessica Chastain:



Miss Chastain is by far one of our favorite red heads in Hollywood, and we were thrilled to see here in this little lace number! We’re fans of the red on red! However, you gals had some thoughts and were not afraid to share them!

Jennifer Jones: “Utterly gorgeous! It’s a total myth that redheads can’t wear red!”

Heather Jones Torres: “I love the dress not totally digging the fit on top though”

Lizz Chester: “Yeah, her “girls” look weird”

Scarlett Johansen: 


Ms. Johansen was spotted filming a little commercial this past week and stunned us in lace! She looks like she’s starring in a Fellini film! Let’s see what our devoted followers had to say!

Susan Kocian: “This is the same thing a say Natalie Wood or Sophia Loren would wear”

Hayley Adams: “HOW PERFECT IS EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS?! Shoes, dress, hair, girl. Perfection.”

Beck Speck: “She looks great…but what the heck was she looking at?”

Jon Hamm


Lastly, and certainly not least, we closed out the week with resident swoon-maker: Jon Hamm! He brought a little of his Don Draper charm to our morning and we may or may not have stared at these pictures for an hour. And from the looks of it, so did you gals!

Melissa Dustino: “mmm, no other words come to my mind other than mmm..mmm..mmm good.”

Tori Erikson: “sweet baby jesus”

Cayley Loeffer: “He couldn’t look bad if he tried.”


There you have it, dames! Join us next week for another installment of Fab or Drab! Make sure to keep your opinions like you keep you wit- razor sharp!

July 22, 2013

The Week In Fab Or Drab: July 15th-19th


That’s right, gals! It’s the height of summer and the lady stars of Hollywood stepped out in their fabbest and drabbest this week! As per usual, you dames had some opinions and we loved hearing them. Let’s take a peek back at this week’s highs and lows!

Eva Mendes 



Ms. Eva Mendes was beating the heat in NYC this week in this romper-headscarf combo! Personally, we thought the old gal looked like she was late for her screen test to be a chorus girl in the latest MGM Motion Picture, but you gals had other ideas for Ms. Mendes.

Amanda Carlson: “I’m confused. I never though the lovely Eva could look frumpy but here we have it.”

Kristina Sawyer: “A bit busy, If the romper was one color either blue or white it would be perfect.”

Sharkbait Denise: “Confusing, loud and drab all at the same time. Her sunglasses are lovely. I think with her beauty, she’d be fab in a potato sack dress… but not that frock.”

Dame Helen Mirren



Dame Helen Mirren arrived on the scene this week to remind us that the golden age of Hollywood was alive and well- and it was living fabulously within our favorite Brit. From the dress to the accessories, this dame hit it right out of the park.

Gretchen Edholm: “My idol. Love this color on her and the way the fabric crosses around the waistline is very figure flattering. She looks spectacular!”

Shanna Schorsch: “Helen Mirren couldn’t look drab if she tried! The woman is class personified.”

Darlene Wendel- Nitzschkke: “Divine as always, Dame Mirren!”

Nicole Kidman


Make way, darlings! Nikki Kidman arrived this week to show off a killer pair of shoes and proper sheath dress application. We must say, the gal is really coming into her own these days on the style front and Princess Grace is smiling from her walk-in closet in the sky. Let’s see what you dolls had to say!

Margie Swearingen Mijares: “How can anything with so much bead work possibly be drab??”

Anna Hernandez-Twitty: “Fab…& always a lady!”

Michelle Clark: “I have yet to see her look bad” (Google the 80s, darling!)

Naomi Campbell


Supermodel supreme, Naomi Campbell, stopped by this week to give us good face and harness her inner rage. We thought there was something fabulously 60s about this dress and we were thrilled to see this gal hasn’t aged a day since her “Freedom” days. Hit it, ladies!

Amber Rials: “GORGEOUS! But ONLY attempt this dress if you are a supermodel.”

Gretchen Kelly: “It was listed on one of those fashion flop sections of msn.. I believe it was described as a pagoda.”

Stephanie Cass: “beautiful lady…..extremely ugly personality”  (mince meat, darlings. Never words!)

Dita Von Teese:



And lastly, Miss Dita Von Teese graced us with her presence this week to give us an eyeful of fabulous right before the weekend! A dotted wonder, if we ever saw one! And a “dot” purse to match? We all seemed to be in unison on this one:

Monica Ramirez: “You could throw a potato sack on her and she would make it look fantastic!!”

Kerry Lee Dickey: “LOVE! FAB! I love the little twisty- thing at her waist- line. Very flattering and subtle, too.”

Dee Sandelin: “Flowy – Feminine – She wears it well”

There you have it, gals! Join us next Monday when we take a peek at the latest batch of musings and opinions from our devoted dames! Didn’t get a chance to weigh in on Facebook last week? Make your opinion heard below!

July 1, 2013

This Week In Fab or Drab: June 24-28


Welcome to our weekly roundup of last week’s most fab and drab outfits! And as an added bonus, we are throwing in some of our absolute favorite comments from our darling fans. We need opinions like we need supportive bras-let’s hear it!

Jennifer Lopez


Diva-extroidinaire and frequent “block” resident was spotted achieving her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! And for the occasion, the Diva Latina turned up the volume in this peach taffeta confection. Here’s what you gals had to say:

Megan Moore: “It looks like she grabbed her table cloth and tied it around her waist”

Lacy Ellsworth: “I have a dress from her collection at kohls and the top looks exactly like that”

Domino Mackey: “Fab 55% Drab 45%. I think that the shoes should have been white to tie in the top. I am a fan of duo colors.” (we love when math is involved!)

Emily VanCamp


The star of “Revenge” was giving us her best Joan Holloway circa 2013 in this retro-inspired floral sheath dress.  It’s a bit of a modern print on such a classic silhouette, and we can appreciate the idea behind this little frock.  Opinions, here they are:

James Knight: “A closed toe, stiletto pump, and black clutch, would’ve been nice. Black diamond hoops, and bracelet, would’ve worked, too.”

Janet Reed: “FAB and the ‘top knot’ is an elegant touch. The dress was the star & hair/make-up were her supporting cast. “

Magdalena Elyse: “She is a gorgeous girl, but in my opinion that fabric print is heinous! The dress has a nice shape though.”



The Queen herself was spotted this week paying homage to Marlene Dietrich and we LOVED it! A gal should rock a top hat at least once in her fabulous life. Let’s see what our darlings had to say!

Gretchen Edholm: “She should dress like this more often. Age appropriate and classy. Also, Marlene wins every time…”

Ohna Lee-Quist: “Love her, always have. But she doesn’t have the same grace and presence that Dietrich had. If she were in posed shots perhaps, it’s lacking in what she exuded effortlessly. Old Hollywood is hard to embody.”

Teresa Chavreaux-Pittaway: “Great! Honestly some of Madonna’s best looks have been when she has dressed in homage to stars from the past. Madonna really does pull it off so well. I wish she would do retro more often.”

Octavia Spencer


The fabulous Ms. Octavia was spotted this week in a fabulously flattering blue lace dress and we spent our morning swooning a little! And her hair? Absolutely divine! Take it away, gals!

Doreen Rojas: “Divalicious!!!”

Laurel Hayward: “FAB. Could stand to be tailored a wee bit more up top, but just lovely!”

Bettie Jean Foga: “Gorgeous dress and girl!”

Dita Von Teese


Miss Dita arrived this morning to show us how it’s done. She of course, knocked it out of the park and most likely the county. We took notes, cried a little and then asked our legions of followers what they thought!

Dawn Michelle Fanberg: “Fab! She could pull off a potato sack. She’s hot!”

Briana Shackley: “The dress with simple sleek hair and red lips works so well together! Its very Parisian with the scroll pattern.”

Tamara Alfonso-Ganz: “SO FAB…..WORK IT GIRL……” (simple, and to the point.)

Join us on Facebook to discuss this weeks latest batch of gals, and join us Mondays here on the blog for a weekly recap!