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  • London Fashion Week Trends!

    At Unique Vintage, we love us a good high brow fashion show just like the rest of you fashionistas. This week, in jolly ol' England, London Fall Fashion Week 2012 is in full effect. While we didn't skip over the pond to witness it first hand (we're still shaking off our MAGIC hangovers from last week), we wanted to share this photo montage with you, thanks to our friends at FabSugar. I also included some Get the London Fashion Week Looks from UV as well! Enjoy! xo, Robin

    LACE APPLIQUESLace Appliques

    Lace Appliques from UV

    SALE!! Unique Vintage - 1930's Style Stop Staring Black Lace Frock Dress - S to 3X1940's Style STOP STARING Blue & Black Lace Starlight Swing Dress - S-3X1950's Style Heartbreaker Black Satin & Lace Antoinette Dress - XS-3X


    MILITARY MODEMilitary Mode

    Military Modes from UV

    Black Military Style Dress with Jacket - S-XLOlive Green Stella Wiggle Dress With Peplum - S-2XBlack Military Style 3/4 Sleeved Button Down Dress - S-XL


    PINK LADYPink Lady
    Pink Lady Looks from UV
    Pink & Black Anchor Button Up Cardigan - S - 2X1940's Style Stop Staring Pink MAD MEN Wiggle Dress - S-3X Black & Pink Cupcake Skull Cheeky Dress - S-XL

    BOLD DIGITAL PRINTSBold Digital Prints


    Bold Prints from UV

    Rockabilly Girl by Bernie Dexter**50s Style Lilac Print Scarlet Pin-Up Wiggle Dress - XS-2X Unique Vintage - Red Polka Dot Flirty Cotton Mini Swing Dress - XS - 3XYOU PICKED IT!! Rockabilly Girl by Bernie Dexter**Fifi Cherry Blossom Swing Dress - XS-1X

    FIT-AND-FLARE SKIRTSFit-and-Flare Skirts

     FIT-AND-FLARE Skirts from UV


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