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It’s Easter Time!

April 6, 2012 by Unique Vintage | Lifestyle

Saw this on BrokeGirlsGuide.com and thought this was so sweet, I had to share…enjoy and Happy Easter! xo

Screen Shot 2012 04 05 at 11.37 .59 PM  250 286 Its Easter Time!As you probably already know, we love any holiday that provides us with a solid excuse to stuff our faces…so naturally, we are suckers for Easter and all of the Peeps, chocolate bunnies, and Cadbury Creme Eggs that accompany it.  Since your parents or, er, the Easter Bunny likely won’t be hooking you up with a basket this Sunday, we suggest you take celebratory matters into your own hands by throwing an Easter-themed soiree.  To help you out in the endeavor, we’ve gathered our favorite stylish and affordable bunny/carrot/egg-infused party ideas below:

1. To begin, serve tea in vintage teacups — these look super cute when they’re mismatched, and you can get them so cheaply at garage sales, Goodwill, eBay, or any local yard sale.  Just add tea, which is one of the cheapest beverages any host can provide. For extra points, serve your tea with lavender-infused sugar.

teacup Its Easter Time!

2. If you’re going for a rustic look, try using tin cans as vases. Otherwise, you might want to submerge Easter-appropriate flowers (such as tulips or carnations, which are fairly affordable) to create unique centerpieces. We also suggest taking glass bowls that you already own (in varying sizes) and filling them with water and floating blossoms. Glass bowls also look beautiful when filled with candy or fresh fruit (like lemons), which you can later eat!

tincan Its Easter Time!

3. To go the DIY route with your vases, try these cool Easter mason jars or these lovely lightbulb vases, which you can hang from branches if you’re outside. (Followthese instructions to hollow out the light bulbs).

MasonJar Its Easter Time!

4. If you’re looking for something cute and kitschy, make your own bunny jars! These are perfect for storing sugar, candy, or jam, and they make cute holders for party favors as well. Simply take a little plastic bunny (easy to find at drugstores or craft stores), glue it on top of a jar, and then douse the whole top in one shade of paint.

bunnyjars Its Easter Time!

5. Or, decorate with these super cool golden-and pink-dipped eggs to give your table a touch of sophistication. These chic eggs have almost nothing in common with the cartoon-themed shrinkwrap egg decor of our childhoods (though it might be fun to have a little flashback DIY time with your guests, too!).

dippedegg Its Easter Time!

6. Now that your table looks lovely, it’s time to eat. Throw together these raspberries with chocolate chip centers – they are ridiculously simple to make, yet so tasty. You might also want to serve macaroons, which are naturally the perfect treat for Easter brunch or afternoon tea.

raspberries Its Easter Time!

7. Craving true decadence? Try these mouthwatering key lime pie cake bites or these absolutely insane cheesecake-filled chocolate Easter eggs (pictured up top).

Key Lime Pie cake bites 450x300 Its Easter Time!

8. If you’d prefer healthier fare that’s still fun, try these “carrot patches” (the pots are cheap!) or these avocado cucumber tea sandwiches.

Carrot Patches Its Easter Time!

9. To make your water look schmancy, freeze herbs or fruit into ice cubes before serving.

Screen%20Shot%202012 04 05%20at%2011 50 00%20PM Its Easter Time!

10. Because everything looks better on cake trays, you should serve your food on these easy DIY tiered versions.

tieredcaketrays Its Easter Time!

11. And finally, because your guests are likely also bemoaning the absence of an Easter bakset this year, we suggest you follow Martha Stewart’s instructions to create teacup candle lights for your guests to take home.  Pack them with a few homemade Peeps for the full Easter effect.

teacupcandles Its Easter Time!