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This Week In Fab or Drab: Oct. 28- Nov. 1st

November 4, 2013 by Unique Vintage | Celebrity Fashion

Welcome back, darlings! Did you miss us? We’ve just finished up starching our petticoats and we’re just about ready to greet this week- stiletto’s first! Splash on some Shalimar and come walk with us as we peek into your divine opinions from last week!

Natalie Portman

natalieportman This Week In Fab or Drab: Oct. 28  Nov. 1st

Ms. Portman arrived early in the week with a full gala-skirt and a chic little Hepburn-style top. Both nifty & fifties, gals! We particularly love the shape of the skirt paired with such a simple, albeit classic, top! However, that metallic fabric may be a little too space age for such a petite gal. Let’s see what you had to say, dames:


Jacqueline Kennedy Goes To India

October 18, 2013 by Unique Vintage | Celebrity Fashion

enhanced buzz 2080 1378924381 6 400x600 Jacqueline Kennedy Goes To India

We’re taking a little trip back, gals! Grab your pearls and pillboxes, because the divine Jackie is here to take us all on a much needed vacation!

enhanced buzz 1398 1378924589 5 397x600 Jacqueline Kennedy Goes To India

In March of 1962, the first lady embarked to Indian on a tour of goodwill in order to improve relations between our two nations; and she did it all in heels! Note the mid-arm length gloves, matching heels and multi-strand pearl necklace- all staples of both the first lady and American fashion at the time.

enhanced buzz 19928 1378924555 50 386x600 Jacqueline Kennedy Goes To India

Pictured here meeting with Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, Jacqueline served as not only an goodwill ambassador to the President, but to the nation as well. She is the epitome of early 60s fashion here- complete with a matching dress and hat, as well as her pearls. The stark contrast between the two cultures was apparent upon her arrival, but Jackie made a point to reflect both her respect and admiration for the Indian culture through dress.

enhanced buzz 1575 1378924407 12 416x600 Jacqueline Kennedy Goes To India


While visiting New Dehli, Jacqueline is spotted in a knee length coat and dress ensemble, while sporting a matching wide brimmed hat of the period, as well as matching white accessories. A hat and pair of matching gloves have become something of a signature, and we constantly encourage anyone to “Jacqueline Kennedy” any outfit.

enhanced buzz 1900 1378923406 0 583x600 Jacqueline Kennedy Goes To India

While attending a reception in her honor as the U.S. Embassy in New Dehli, the first last opts for an early 60s formal satin trapeze style coat and matching dress. A structured, bouffant style up-d0 was just becoming popular within American fashion and many think that Jackie may have been responsible for the shift in hairstyles in the early 1960s.

enhanced buzz 3903 1378924043 0 417x600 Jacqueline Kennedy Goes To India

Pictured in from the Taj Mahal, Jackie worked closely with her personal designer Oleg Cassini to create a variety of lightweight dresses that reflected the culture and color of India. Many of the prints the first lady sported on this adventure were, at the time, considered too ethnic or loud for 1960s America. It wasn’t until years later did such bold prints begin to define 60s fashion.

enhanced buzz 31898 1378924949 1 390x600 Jacqueline Kennedy Goes To India

Pictured in a vibrant pink floral print, the first lady participates in both local custom and dress. The Rajasthani mark on her forehead is symbol of luck and respect. Note the coordinated headband, gals. Someone find us that immediately!

enhanced buzz 4555 1378927187 9 Jacqueline Kennedy Goes To India

And in her most famous look from the trip, a coral colored duchess satin dress became an international symbol of the first lady’s trip to a foreign sovereignty. So much so that it even became a collectible doll commemorating Jackie!

So what have we learned, darlings? That matching one’s wardrobe to one’s vacation is more important than you think.  Take a peek below at a few hand-picked pieces for our lady-like dream trip to India and we’ll book the plane tickets!

jackie+kennedy+style+dress+retro+classic+icon+dots 119x300 Jacqueline Kennedy Goes To Indiajackie+kennedy+retro+pinup+classic+icon+style+dress 91x300 Jacqueline Kennedy Goes To Indiajackie+kennedy+retro+wiggle+style+icon+dress+navy+blue 110x300 Jacqueline Kennedy Goes To Indiajackie+kennedy+icon+style+dress+swing+pearls+retro+vintage 140x300 Jacqueline Kennedy Goes To Indiajackie+kennedy+pink+floral+retro+pinup+classic+icon+dress 114x300 Jacqueline Kennedy Goes To Indiajackie+kennedy+style+dress+retro+classic+icon+floral+sheath 113x300 Jacqueline Kennedy Goes To India

UV Staffer Faves: Heather Our Fabulous Wholesale Manager

October 9, 2013 by Unique Vintage | Lifestyle, Pin Up, Vintage Inspired

314419 10150788431475548 57495 n UV Staffer Faves: Heather Our Fabulous Wholesale Manager

Meet Heather, our outgoing and always fabulous wholesale manager. Brains, beauty, and a sparkling personality. This blonde bombshell does it all from assisting all of our wholesale customers to starting new UV fashion trends like “Fascinator Friday” (yes, that’s a thing around here). Here, Heather shares some of her retro-inspired Unique Vintage favorites.


The Week In Fab or Drab: Sept 30- Oct 4

October 7, 2013 by Stan | Celebrity Fashion

Welcome back, gals!  You look fabulously rested! Let’s get to it, shall we?

Jessica Pare

jessicapare The Week In Fab or Drab: Sept 30  Oct 4

The “Mad Men” star was spotted last week emulating her inner secretary and we adored the whole look. From hair to hem, we thought it was sharp, with just a hint of retro! You gals, however, didn’t quite agree. Since we didn’t get our usually vocal darlings to participate, we decided it would be fun to see what her fellow Mad Women might think about the situation. Hit it, ladies!


This Week In Fab or Drab: Sept 16-20

September 25, 2013 by Unique Vintage | Celebrity Fashion

Good morning, darlings! You look rested and ready for another week of divine opinions. Last week, we tackled New York Fashion Week and the retro-inspired looks on the stars and starlets. Let’s kick things off, shall we?

Katie Holmes

katieholmes This Week In Fab or Drab: Sept 16 20

That’s right, dears. The former Mrs. Cruise was spotted front row in Betty Draper’s skirt and we FELL IN LOVE! The whole things was fabulously fifties and suited her so well. While we give her hair stylist a stern talking to, let’s see what you gals had to say!


UV Destination Getaway: London

September 20, 2013 by Unique Vintage | Lifestyle, Pin Up

As the leaves start changing colors and the days become shorter, we can’t help but feel a slight twinge of wanderlust. Feeling fashionably inspired by London’s foggy streets and drizzling weather, we put together a charming retro-inspired outfit. Completed with bright pops of color, this pin-up look is perfect for illuminating grey autumn weather.

east london developer shaftesbury 800x328 UV Destination Getaway: London