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TLC's Hit Show Wives with Beehives truly exemplifies 1950s fashion! Unique-Vintage.com has some of the coolest 1950s Vintage Inspired Dresses online!

  • 1950s Vintage Inspired Dresses - Wives With Beehives

    1950s Vintage Inspired Dresses

    In TLC’s newest creation, “Wives With Beehives,” the 1950s Vintage Inspired Dresses are almost a character themselves!  The channel normally known for the exploitation of both Compulsive Hoarders and Child Beauty Pageant Contestants, now takes a look at a sect of culture we happen to be fairly familiar with.   From the haircurlers to the Tom Collins waiting for your husband when he walks in the door, the 1950’s are often fetishized in various degrees- with these ladies taking it to a mid-century extreme.

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