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Catch of the Day - Tops

Catch of the Day - Tops

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Shh - it's top secret, darling! For just $15, add this magnificent mystery to your shopping bag and await something stylishly serendipitous for a fraction of the price! Simply choose your size and expect a terrific top in a surprise style - we see fabulous in your future, dear.


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Just Right


12/10/2016 07:09 AM


I purchased this on a whim ... and I'm so glad I did. I'm extremely pleased with the quality and style of the top I received. I also ordered a bottom and though they we're surprises they coordinated perfectly. I can't say that will happen every time as this was my first time ordering the catch but I couldn't be happier with the pieces in received. I'll definitely order the catch again


01/12/2016 12:22 AM


I got a 3/4 sleeve crossover top in red. Will go great with skirts and jeans


12/30/2015 05:54 PM



The Catch of The Day top that I received was a red 3/4 sleeve long sleeve. It's not something I would have ordered (due to the fact that it's a very tight fit), but I actually really like it. I's definitely going to be perfect for the spring!


12/14/2016 06:56 AM


I received a 3/4 sleeve top with a wide bottom that almost resembles a mini dress. It pairs well with my trousers without making me feel too frumpy.


01/22/2016 11:21 PM


Got a really cute white cardigan sweater that went great will the pencil skirt I got.

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