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        Shop by Era

        Whether you’re more of a daring 1920s vixen or a carefree 1970s boho babe, you’ll find styles to suit all of your vintage clothing moods from Unique Vintage. Our Shop by Era feature makes it easy to find all of the most popular clothing and accessory options from your favorite eras, so you can choose only the looks that you like most. With collections ranging from the 1920s all the way up to the 1980s, Unique Vintage has you covered with the most longstanding styles from throughout history.

        So what’s it going to be, darling? Are you feeling the perfectly ladylike, immaculately tailored looks of the 1960s, or are you more partial to the glitz and glamour of the 1930s? Shop Unique Vintage by era and you’ll find dresses, blouses and bottoms in styles to suit any woman, as well as sizes ranging from petite to plus size.