Denim High Waist Stretch Jeans | Unique Vintage
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      Denim High Waist Stretch Jeans

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      Denim High Waist Stretch Jeans

      Item #:P2903
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      Fabulous, retro inspired high waisted jeans- by Kustomville! A dark washed denim, complete with a vintage inspired high waist. A skinny fit though out, complete with a cigarette style leg. A button fly and contrast stitching top off the look- a perfect pair of jeans if we ever saw one, darlings. Available in sizes 0-16 while supplies last

      Dark Wash Denim Jeans,High Waisted,Button Fly,Notch Detail On Back,Contrast Stitching,Skinny Fit

      For tips on how to use this chart, please see our Sizing Guide.
      All measurements are in inches.

      Size Numeric Bust Waist Hips Length
      0 - - 22 30 -
      2 - - 24 32 -
      4 - - 24 33.9 -
      6 - - 25 35 -
      8 - - 26 36 -
      10 - - 27.2 37 -
      12 - - 28 37 -
      14 - - 29 38.2 -
      16 - - 31 40 -
      18 - - 32 42 -
      20 - - 33 44 -
      22 - - 34 46 -

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      03/26/2015 12:55 PM





      I ordered up due to the other reviews, and it isn't necessary if you follow the SIZE CHART. These aren't normal US sizes, and the material has plenty of stretch - I may have even been able to size down. Regardless... I wasn't looking for a pair of hip huggers this time around, these are comfortable and casual so I'll keep them.


      01/21/2015 12:29 AM


      I fell in love with the way these fit and accentuated my curves. Sadly the zipper broke and I will have to replace it :(


      06/06/2014 05:48 PM


      I absolutely adore these pants although it took me a few trys to order the correct size, bought them to small and exchanged and now they are a lil bit baggy. Still love them and they go perfect with crop tops and a shirt tucked in!

      megan finley

      04/15/2014 11:48 AM


      I purchased these online and carelessly ordered my usual pants size, size 10. When they came in the mail I, sadly, couldn't even zip the zipper. Luckily, I live close to the store in Burbank, so I returned them there and the sales girl offered to measure me to exchange my pants for the correct size. According to the online measurements for these specific pants, I was a size 16. They shipped the box back for me and a few business days later my new pants were delivered. They fit perfectly.


      02/02/2014 12:01 PM


      I was very disappointed in these jeans. I purchased them in a size 18, very excited to find a cut pair of jeans in my size. But when they came they came in the mail, I was so confused. I could not get them past my calves. The size "18" did not fit me, but they barely fit my sister who is a size 8. And that was very upsetting to order an 18, to only fit an 8. I also purchased the shorts in this style (size 16) and they just fit my mother who is a size 4. So I would recommend if you are thin to size high, high up and if you are a bit bigger, they will not fit.
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      Items 1 to 5 of 7 total

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