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        Fishnet Contrast Backseam Stockings

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        Fishnet Contrast Backseam Stockings

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        These stockings are spandex fishnet pantyhose with a contrasting backseam. They come in nude/black and they are O/S.


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        11/05/2015 09:45 PM





        OMG!! I am in LOVE with these fishnets!! I plan on ordering a couple extra pairs!! Perfect to complete any 20's look or to add a little sexiness to any black mini skirt!! Had no issues with the black seam staying in place!! These are HOT!!!


        04/09/2015 06:49 PM






        Great little pair of back-seam fishnets! These one size fits all (90-160 pounds) fishnets are perfect for me! I"fluffy" legs and can't often find stockings that fit quite right. While these aren't the stretchiest fishnets I've ever worn, they are by far my favorite. They stretch just enough but don't leave dents in my skin. They're not baggy anywhere, either, which is a problem I usually choose to ignore in stretchier fishnets. The waistband is comfortable and the seams are adorably noticeable without being too wide. I'm a happy camper!


        07/09/2013 11:27 AM


        I bought these to wear with a flapper outfit and they are fabulous! I had no problem with the backseam staying straight in the back (a friend bought some somewhere else and she said she couldn't wear them b/c the back seam wouldn't stay straight). My legs looked GREAT in pictures. ;)
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        3 Item(s)

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