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Art Deco Capelets Scroll

Add a touch of vintage glitz and glamour to even the simplest dress or blouse with an art deco capelet from Unique Vintage. These cropped, slouchy capelets extend across the shoulders and back for an elegant, draped look, and they are made of sheer fabrics and elaborate beading just like jewelry. If you want to add a bit of sparkle to your outfit or simply want to cover your bare shoulders, our art deco capelets make stylish and inexpensive accessories that are truly timeless.

For fewer than 100 dollars, you can incorporate a gorgeous retro-inspired capelet into your ensemble and make yourself really stand out from the crowd. These fabulous shoulder shrugs are all made of sheer mesh base materials and then hand sewn with intricate beading, fringe and sequins to create an elaborately decorated look just like the ones in the roaring 20s.

If you love 1920s flapper fashion and want a truly authentic look, our beaded art deco capelets are necessary accessories. Unique Vintage offers helpful styling tips and lookbooks to assist in creating the perfect retro ensemble for your next costume party or for daily wear, and we also offer helpful deals like free shipping on orders of 150 dollars. Shop our unique art deco capelets in a variety of colors and you’ll absolutely adore both our large selection and our low prices.