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Flapper Gloves Scroll

Are you searching for the perfect authentic accessory for your vintage look? Let us lend a hand, darling! Unique Vintage carries a large selection of gloves to complete your flapper ensemble, in long, dramatic lengths and a variety of colors to create a look that’s truly unique. At the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere and with helpful styling tips, Unique Vintage will surely become your go-to shopping destination for all of your roaring 20s fashion needs.

Black Elbow Length Gathered Gloves

Black Elbow Length Gathered Gloves

Item No. 25793-JS7643
Satin Extra Long Above The Elbow Gloves
$14.00  $9.00

SALE! Satin Extra Long Above The Elbow Gloves

Item No. 25381-16B
Black Velvet Opera Length Gloves

Black Velvet Opera Length Gloves

Item No. 13911-2052
Our Vintage Style Black Scrunch Mid Arm Length Gloves are one of our best selling items, and it’s easy to see why. These shorter gloves look perfect with a fun flapper dress, and they have a unique scrunched stitching for added texture. Pair them with a sequined flapper frock and some peep-toe heels for an authentic 20s look without spending a fortune.

If you’re looking for more formal flapper gloves, Unique Vintage’s Black Elbow Length Gathered Gloves and Satin Extra Long Above the Elbow Gloves are both stylish choices. All of our sophisticated glove styles come in a variety of bright colors like fuchsia and light blue, or subtle, neutral hues like black and ivory. While they all offer the same elegant shape, each pair has its own unique fabric and length so that you can choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Like all of Unique Vintage’s clothing and accessories, our flapper gloves are available for the lowest prices and with the highest quality construction that you’ll find anywhere. If you’re still unsure of how to style these gloves, our lookbooks and vintage style guides will tell you all you need to know about retro fashion and help you create a truly authentic look without spending a fortune.