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Flapper Slips Scroll

When you’re shimmying and shaking the night away like you’re in a 1920s speakeasy, you want to make sure that you’re wearing the proper undergarments. Unique Vintage has assembled a sleek and sexy collection of slips specifically to wear under our flapper dresses, ensuring that you can be your carefree self without worrying about showing too much skin. Our flapper slips come in a number of styles and cuts to accommodate just about any dress, as well as sizes to accommodate just about any stylish lady.

Long Silver Satin Bias Cut Under Slip

Long Silver Satin Bias Cut Under Slip

Item No. 32779-K76L
SALE! Black V-Neck Slip
$28.00  $20.00

SALE! Black V-Neck Slip

Item No. 17940B-10-196
For dresses that are short and form-fitting, you need a slip that won’t slip out from underneath or feel bulky in tighter areas. If you’re wearing a dress with elaborate, hand sewn beading, you’ll appreciate the silky softness of a slip as it protects your skin against irritating stitching. Unique Vintage also carries flapper slips many neutral colors, for your outfit-pairing needs.

If you’re looking for a slip to wear under a longer flapper dress, Unique Vintage has those as well. The straps are even adjustable to allow you to fit your slip to your exact measurements.

Never leave home without a proper flapper slip from Unique Vintage. With our affordable low prices and free shipping on orders over $150 dollars, you can even afford to have one in every color. Unique Vintage offers a number of ways to wear the contemporary flapper look, so all you have to do is gather the courage to try out this fierce and fabulous trend!