Flapper Costumes - 1920s, Gatsby-Inspired and Sexy Flapper Halloween Costumes | Unique Vintage
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        Flapper Costumes - 1920s, Gatsby Inspired and Sexy Flapper Halloween Costumes - Unique Vintage

        Bring back the thrill of the roaring 20s this Halloween with a gorgeous Great Gatsby Halloween costume from Unique Vintage. These chic and sultry flapper costumes are perfectly on trend with this year’s most popular movie trends, and you’ll feel just like a retro movie star when you slip one on. Say goodbye to the scary and overdone Halloween costumes this year and dress yourself in pearls, fringe and satin instead - you deserve it, darling!
        Unique Vintage’s Halloween flapper costumes are perfect imitations of true 1920s fashions, creating a historically accurate look that any vintage loving fashionista will absolutely adore. These short dresses come in simple, classic shades of black, red, white and silver, and they feature textured details that look beautiful as you shimmy across the dance floor at that big Halloween party. Long, flowing layers of fringe, asymmetrical hemlines and matching feather boa accessories make our 20s Halloween costumes as glamorous and fun as you are.

        The Dazzling Silver Flapper Costume is one of Unique Vintage’s most loved flapper costumes, and with its flashy details it’s not hard to see why. This one-shouldered mini dress comes in a chic silver color and features layers of fringe all over its exterior. A matching silver headband with a tall feather detail is included with your purchase, and a sequin choker necklace completes the look with a bold splash of sparkle and shine. Pair this costume with a pair of sky high heels and your deepest shade of red lipstick for a stylish Halloween look that is sure to impress.

        For all of your Halloween needs, Unique Vintage has you covered with fierce and fashionable costumes that you won’t find anywhere else. Browse our large selection of Gatsby Halloween costumes at affordable prices and you’re sure to find one to help you channel you inner vintage vixen.