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        Flapper Shoes

        Flapper Shoes - Shop T-Straps, Oxfords and More 1920s Style Shoes

        Put on those dancing shoes and stir up a little trouble, just like the starlets of the roaring 20s! Unique Vintage offers an exciting selection of flapper shoes to pair with your new 1920s dress, creating a retro look that is sure to turn a few heads. If you love the flapper look but don’t want to spend a fortune recreating it, Unique Vintage’s collection of shoes for flapper dress is the perfect choice for the vintage-loving lady on a budget.
        From short to tall, Unique Vintage has them all. Our flapper shoes feature rounded toes, top straps, bow accents and even Mary Jane styles in heights from low kitten heels to sky high pumps.

        Unique flapper dresses can be difficult to style, but with Unique Vintage’s expansive selection of flapper style shoes you can create an authentic retro look with ease. These shoes are made by some of the best vintage-inspired brands and are available for incredibly low prices as well, giving you the look you love for much less than you would expect.