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        Unique Bathroom Decor & Cute Shower Curtains

        Bath Accessories

        After a long stressful day, what’s better than relaxing in a candle lit bathroom with a warm bubble bath? Create that beautiful ambiance that’s unique you with Unique Vintage. From spa towel wraps to darling makeup compacts. Unique Vintage’s bath accessories collection has everything you need to create the perfect bathroom. Whether you’re relaxing after a long day or just want to add some charm to your space, Unique Vintage will help you achieve that perfect look.
        Vintage-loving ladies will absolutely adore our retro shower curtains and our tattoo printed bath towels. These cozy bath essentials come in a variety of colors and styles and what’s better than finding the perfect décor items to match your color scheme? Finding those fabulous items at bargain basement prices of course! Since our prices start under $10, you can grab towels, compacts, candles, and shower curtains in every color.

        We are constantly updating our vintage bath accessories section with plenty of new products to keep your home fresh, flawless, and always in style. And because we like you so much, we’ll throw in free shipping if you spend $150 or more. Who needs more excuses to treat yourself? Go on and get shopping ladies!