Hollywood Fashion Tape Clear Bra Converting Clips | Unique Vintage
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      Hollywood Fashion Tape Clear Bra Converting Clips

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      Hollywood Fashion Tape Clear Bra Converting Clips

      Item #:38500
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      Let's face it. We're all just a little obsessive-compulsive about the little things, right? The woman ahead of you in line at Alotta Latte with the gorgeous tan shoulders, beautifully framed by a racer back tank, unfortunately is also sporting unsightly peek-a-boo bra straps. You have to consciously restrain your hand from reaching up and trying to tuck them in. And try though you might to be perfectly attentive to someone you're talking to, if there's a bra strap dangling off her shoulder, it's likely to drive you a little bit bonkers. Naturally, Hollywood Fashion Tape, Inc.® has come to your rescue again with Hollywood Hook-Up™, the bra-converting clip that ensures you’ll have the best-behaved bra straps around. (How you choose to behave is entirely up to you.) Simply attach the handy hook-up clip to the straps at the back of your bra and you’ve created your own customized cross-back style bra without the expense of buying a new one just for those racer-back or tank-style tops. Not only does the Hollywood Hook-Up keep those pesky straps hidden and prevent them from slipping, it adds lift and life to your breasts. People will be noticing your flawlessness, not your fashion faux pas. Clear, virtually invisible, won’t show through fabrics Flexible material and unique shape makes it easy to use So thin and comfortable you won’t even know you’re wearing it

      Set of 2 clips

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