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        For the Home

        You adore the swing dresses and perfectly coiffed hairstyles of vintage fashion, but your love for all things retro doesn’t stop at your style, darling. Every vintage-loving lady knows that an inspiring home is equally as important, and Unique Vintage offers all of the home décor items, kitchen supplies and quirky knick knacks that you need to keep your house or apartment looking straight out of your favorite by-gone era. Best of all, our For the Home sale section offers all of our most popular home goods for drastically reduced prices, so you can furnish your home on even the most frugal budget!
        Create a peaceful ambiance worthy of a vintage boudoir with candles, bath supplies and other pampering tools from Unique Vintage. Our sale section includes low prices on sweet-smelling candles in decorative, antique-inspired tins, and they’re perfect for lining the bathtub as you listen to your favorite old records. Artistic shower curtains, bath towels and beauty supply kits bring a pop of color to a drab bathroom, and they’re also available for a discount.

        For the kitchen, Unique Vintage carries adorably quirky items that you certainly won’t find at your typical kitchen supply store. Cartoon tea cups, decorative pot holders and kitschy cooking tools make cooking fun for even the least-enthusiastic home chef, and they really brighten up an otherwise boring kitchen. Printed wine glasses are perfect for your nightly chardonnay, and silly straws are ideal for your next party. Best of all, these items are all on sale for unbeatable low prices only from Unique Vintage.

        Unique Vintage’s home sale section also includes great deals on our popular vintage books. These retro reading materials cover a wide range of topics, from fashion to cooking and even diaries for you to write yourself.