Unique Wedges in Vintage and Retro Styles | Unique Vintage
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        Cute Retro Style Wedges


        There are few shoes more reminiscent of authentic retro styles than fun and quirky wedges, and Unique Vintage has a selection that will truly knock your socks off. These chunky sandals and booties are perfect for both hot summer days and chilly winter nights, and they come in a variety of styles for everyone from girly girls to bold pin up babes. It’s hard not to feel confident when you’re rocking a high pair of unique wedges, and this selection is sure to have just the right pair.
        Flirty and feminine floral print wedges look perfect when paired with a flouncy sundress and an oversized pair of cat eye sunglasses, and sipping a retro glass soda bottle is just the cherry on top of your vintage look. Unique Vintage carries these patterned wedge sandals with woven espadrille-style bottoms, floral or polka dot printed tops and even large bow ties around the ankle.

        If you want something with a bit more glamour, platform wedge heels covered in colorful glitter are the perfect footwear choice for a night out at the disco. These vintage wedges are reminiscent of Studio 54, and they’ll surely make you feel like the latest It Girl every time you wear them!

        Wedge booties help to translate this style into colder seasons, and a pair covered in floral print tapestry fabric is both cozy and totally on-trend. Pair them with a knit dress and a thick pair of tights and you’ll stay stylish all winter long.

        It takes a true vintage vixen to pull off an eye-catching pair of unique wedges, but we know you’re up to the challenge, darling! Unique Vintage even offers free shipping on all orders over $150, and our unbeatable sales and discounts make it even easier to fill your closet with beautiful, retro footwear all year long.