Sure Fit Black Wrist Length Bow Keyhole Gloves | Unique Vintage
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      Sure Fit Black Wrist Length Bow Keyhole Gloves

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      Sure Fit Black Wrist Length Bow Keyhole Gloves

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      These Sure Fit wrist gloves are a classic, vintage-style accessory that will add a truly unique flair to any dress or skirt set. They reach just below the wrists and are made of a soft, lightweight black material, and their delicate keyhole detail is accented by subtle bows for a hint of ladylike flair. You’re the picture of elegance, darling, and these short gloves are the perfect way to incorporate that same elegant style into your formal wardrobe.


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      Just Right
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      07/30/2015 07:33 PM


      I was surprised these actually fit me I always have such a hard time finding gloves that fit me. They were also very comfortable! Great buy!


      05/19/2015 11:24 PM


      Very satisfied with these! The material does make it easy for things like my phone to slip right out of my hands, but I love the look! I will probably order them in red as well.


      04/22/2015 10:17 PM


      I tend to wear gloves in size "midget didget", and was surprised to find that these fit. It was also a pleasant surprise that there were touch-meshes on the thumbs and forefingers. This is easily one of the best "eh, i'm feeling lazy and want to look snazzy" accessories i've ever purchased.


      04/21/2015 09:31 PM


      Cute, a little smaller than I'd like but workable. Exactly like pictured.


      03/03/2015 06:58 PM


      Love these!!! The keyhole accent is so wonderful, it really helps put a vintage twist on an easy outfit. The forefinger and thumb have a mesh cover that makes using a touchscreen possible- although I constantly found myself fumbling my smartphone because of the material of the gloves. Probably just me though, either way be careful! I am extremely pleased with these gloves.
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      5 Item(s)

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