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Unique Vintage White Retro Style Ruffled Petticoat Crinoline

Unique Vintage White Retro Style Ruffled Petticoat Crinoline

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Who doesn't love a little extra lift, darlings? Add oomph to make your favorite frock look authentically retro with this vintage inspired black ruffled petticoat! This luxuriously soft netted petticoat will give you tons of fabulous volume ideal for the dance floor. Its elastic waist is comfortable, light and easy to wear, boasting two fluffy layers with ruffled hem detail for a feminine touch. Hitting just below the knees for a length that goes with numerous retro-style dresses and crafted with comfort in mind. Voluminous verve achieved!
One size fits most. Available while supplies last.


100% Polyester
Hand Wash Only
Elastic Waistband

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Just Right


07/17/2017 10:15 PM


This is absolutely worth the money. It is soft and comfortable and beautifully poofy. It looks great if it sticks out below the dress too. I have it in two colors!


07/18/2017 06:24 PM


I purchased this to replace one I bought a few years ago on UV (it's still available- the "1950s style") that had developed a smell (years of sweating + hard to clean). This petticoat is definitely softer. And honestly, it's prettier when it peeks out under your dress; the ruffle just lends a little more femininity and looks less costume-y. The length felt the same, though I did not measure to compare. I appreciate the fact that the waist is somewhat adjustable on this one; that's not an option on the alternative. I also purchased the "petticoat bag," which makes not only cleaning, but packing this one much easier. If you're going to invest in a petticoat, I highly recommend that you go ahead and get the bag to go with it. It's great for storage, packing and cleaning (you can use it for delicates, too). Of the two petticoats, I would purchase this one over the slightly cheaper one. However, if you're only looking for a one night costume, the cheaper one is more than satisfactory. It just can't hold up to a lot of use. As I've only worn/washed this one once so far, I have yet to see the durability of this one but I have high hopes.


03/16/2017 03:45 PM


Great Petticoat! Super soft and adds lots of volume!


12/19/2016 10:55 PM


AMAZING. HIGH QUALITY. SO SOFT AND POOFY! It looks INCREDIBLE with the swing style skirts and dresses. I am in LOVE with this crinoline and it totally changed how all my dresses look. It's the BEST thing I've purchased in a long time and puts my $10 Amazon crinoline to SHAME. Seriously the most amazing petticoat I've seen.

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