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Plus Size Flapper Dresses

Sizzling Styles Galore  Besides having gorgeous, one-of-a-kind merchandise, we at Unique Vintage keep in mind that every woman herself is also unique. That’s why we love to offer all apparel, including our fabulous plus-size flapper dresses, in a wide range of sizes and styles to accommodate every lovely lady, whatever your size.

88 Items

With the amazing selection we offer, it’s easy to find a 1920s plus-size dress to help channel their inner Daisy Buchanan. Most of the styles hug your beautiful, feminine curves for an unforgettable, hotsy-totsy look guaranteed to turn heads.

You’ll love checking out all our 1920s plus-size dress styles. Among them are short dresses with fringe that show off your legs, or longer dresses and gowns. Other design elements include sleeve lengths ranging from sleeveless to long-sleeve, demure or décolletage-baring necklines, and a variety of back-exposing cuts, from full coverage to the more revealing low back. Be as daring or coy as you please while still reflecting flapper confidence and attitude.

Each of our dresses is carefully created to show off your best features while paying tribute to ‘20s era motifs. Black mesh embellished with stunning sequins and beadwork reflect the art deco theme so popular during The Golden Age. Attention to all these details in each garment is what elevates Unique Vintage dresses to true works of art.

Accessorize to Glamourize

To complement and complete your ensemble, choose a matching pair of our vintage-inspired shoesAnd darling, you absolutely should treat yourself to some of our elegant flapper accessories, including headbands, fans, clutches, wraps, gloves, earrings and bracelets to really make your outfit shine. Honestly, just browsing through these vintage delights is the bee’s knees!
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