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1950s Style Ivory Tea Length Crinoline

1950s Style Ivory Tea Length Crinoline

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THIS IS FOR THE CRINOLINE SLIP ONLY, THE DRESS IS SOLD SEPARATELY. This is a ivory swing style petticoat to give your purchase a great 50's flair. Shown under many of the dresses for sale on the site. Elastic waist 23-42". Length 27". The outerskirt has multiple tiers of nylon net with matching satin binding on each tier. The underskirt is made of nylon organza to prevent scratchiness.

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Just Right


04/13/2015 12:10 PM


Bought this last year. I love it. It will give any dress you wear it with lots of volume and body.


12/31/2014 11:32 PM



The petticoats are delivered wrapped in tightly packed balls of fabric, which means they have a little extra poof upon arrival. Some love that, other's don't; if you like a bit more "height" in your dress this won't bother you, but if like me you like a tamer silhouette make sure you order one early and set it up in your closet to let gravity pull it down into its proper shape. (Or make sure you have a steamer on hand, you do you.) I've had mine for four months now and it's still in it's poof-ball stage. Otherwise this is a totally serviceable foundation garment that works excellently under tea-length skirts and dresses!


01/21/2015 12:42 AM


WOAH this thing is big. Needs to hang in the closet for a little bit or something to flatten a little. I've never seriously worn a petticoat before so I wasn't sure what to order and then the dress I ordered it for got cancelled :( I'm waiting on a new dress to come in to see how it looks but I may need to order myself a flatter petticoat. Anyway, like one of the previous reviewers said, if you steam this it'll probably be a little more tame.


01/10/2015 01:42 AM


VERY very very fluffy! If you're looking for something with a lot of body, this is it! It has a nicely finished edge.

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