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        Cute Vintage Gloves & Mittens

        Gloves & Scarves

        Looking for a few simple finishing touches that can take your outfit from ho-hum plain jane to va-va-voom vintage vixen? Key accessories like vintage gloves and unique scarves from Unique Vintage are the perfect solution to all of your retro wardrobe woes. With a vast assortment of gloves & scarves and 1950s prices, shopping for fabulous vintage-inspired accessories is a snap!
        Are you a bit bored with the skinny jeans and ever-so short hemlines of contemporary style? Incorporating retro touches to your closet with 1950s inspired details like feminine dress gloves and vintage neck scarves, can give your wardrobe that midcentury makeover you so desperately desire! A classic white vintage glove is perfect bygone frill to dress up any look. For a more relaxed look, browse Unique Vintage’s retro scarves for playful patterns, cozy knits, and airy chiffons. These ladylike accessories are look oh-so-divine when tying up loose tresses or when tied around your neck for a hint of rockabilly-inspired style.

        Unique Vintage carries a large selection of women’s driving gloves and scarves and all at fabulously affordable prices. With whimsical patterns, beaded embellishments, and rich jewel tone hues, there are women’s dress gloves and scarves to complement every dame’s style.