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        Vintage & Pin Up Sunglasses


        We here at Unique Vintage firmly believe that accessories are the key to a stunning vintage ensemble. Our collection of retro sunglasses features colorful styles that are perfect for mixing and matching with any outfit. From pin up pretty cat eye sunglasses and retro aviators to floral embellished unusual and kitschy sunglasses, shop the entire collection of Unique Vintage’s divine eyewear that has been carefully handpicked with all of our UV Darlings in mind.
        Unique Vintage’s pin up sunglasses come in heavenly hues like pink and red to lend the perfect pop of color to your dress. Can’t decide on what color dress to wear? No need to fret, unique sunglasses in classic neutral shades like black, ivory, and tortoise shell look divine with any outfit for prom and beyond.

        Visit unique Vintage’s entire selection of vintage sunglasses for old Hollywood inspired cat eye sunglasses, tortoise shell readers, and classic and colorful aviators. Since our prices are fabulously affordable you can pick up a pair in every color and style. Every vintage-loving vixen knows you can never have too much of a good thing!