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Catch of the Day - Shoes

Catch of the Day - Shoes

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Shh - it's a chic secret, darling! For just $20, add this magnificent mystery to your shopping bag and await something stylishly serendipitous for a fraction of the price! Simply choose your size and expect some phenomenal footwear in a surprise style - we see fabulous in your future, dear.


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Just Right


01/12/2016 12:44 AM


I received a cute, plain white pair of shoes. They might be simple but I think that they'll go with anything!


07/03/2015 12:01 AM


I ordered these along side a dress I've been eyeing since it came onto the site, thinking what's the worst that can happen! I received a gorgeous set of tan stiletto heels! While I guess every time is different, I can definately say it was not a disappoint considering the same style in black on the site were price at $60+


02/22/2016 05:25 PM


So much fun to get a surprise. I got a cute pair of white flat sandals. Perfect for the coming summer. I was concerned that since I have big feet, I would get something odd, but the shoes are really nice and my family is jealous! The angle is weird, but was as good as I could get at the time.


11/16/2015 08:42 PM


Took a chance on it and for a cute pair of black faux suede ankle strap wedges. They fit true to size. Some off brand I've not heard of but worth the $20 price. Will try it again.


07/02/2015 10:13 PM


The shoes that I received were black canvas shoes like keds. I don't necessarily care for the shoes because you can find these shoes (style not brand) for a cheaper price elsewhere. However, I am going to keep them because I have use for them.

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