Pin Up Pants - High-Waisted Jeans, Cigarette Pants, Capris | Unique Vintage
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        Pin Up Style Capri Pants & High Waisted Sailor Pants


        Toss out your old, ill-fitting jeans in favor of a flattering pair of vintage-inspired pants from Unique Vintage’s selection of pin up separates. These high-waisted jeans, capris and leggings create the pin up look that you love, and they are available for affordable prices that won’t empty your wallet.

        Capris and pedal pushers are some of the most popular pants for creating an authentic pin-up outfit, and Unique Vintage carries a wide assortment in styles and sizes for any woman. Try a pair of slim, black pedal pushers to channel your inner Sandra Dee, or some high-waisted denim capri pants for a feminine, retro look on even your most casual days.

        If you’re looking for a pair of pants that can be dressed up for work or a more formal occasion, Unique Vintage also carries cigarette pants with tailored lines and modest cuts. Skinny pants are ideal for a retro-loving businesswoman, and we carry options with classic houndstooth prints and neutral colors that match just about anything. Pair them with sleek kitten heels and a slim blazer for a work look with a vintage flair.

        Unique Vintage’s pin up separates include leggings, jeans and other pants with flattering fits and affordable price tags. We even offer help with sizing, free shipping on orders of over 150 dollars and a great return policy to help you look your very best without spending a fortune.