Wiggle Dresses - Vintage-Inspired Pin Up Pencil Dresses | Unique Vintage
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        Retro Style Pencil Dresses


        For a dress that makes you feel like a truly retro bombshell, there’s no better choice than a wiggle dress from Unique Vintage. With slim, tailored waists, close-fitting pencil skirts and enhancing necklines that will flatter any shape and size, wiggle dresses are a true confidence-booster for every woman. Unique Vintage carries high-quality wiggle dresses in a large assortment of patterns, colors and styles at prices that you won’t find anywhere else, making you feel fun and fancy-free as you add a bit of retro charm to your wardrobe.
        If you’re looking for a classic wiggle dress with maximum sex appeal, you want something that will really knock their socks off. Whether you’re spending the weekend dancing the night away, going on a hot date to the most popular restaurant in town, or striking the perfect pin up pose in front of a hot rod at the next car show, Unique Vintage’s wiggle dresses make the perfect ensemble for any time you want to show off your fabulous features. Shop all of our bold, beautiful wiggle dresses in basic black or with large accent buttons and you’ll instantly feel your most poised.

        For ladies who love more charming, feminine vintage fashions, Unique Vintage also carries wiggle dresses with a heavy dose of romantic retro style. Options with bright, splashy patterns give you the flattering shape of a traditional wiggle dress combined with the visual interest of a great print, while subtle details such as folded necklines, cute collars and tie bows add even more authentic vintage details to these dresses and they set them apart from styles today.

        When you shop Unique Vintage’s wiggle dresses, you’ll also receive the very largest selection and great deals like free shipping on orders of 150 dollars. We also carry a wide variety of sizes with every unique body type in mind, so you’re sure to find the most flattering fit on your new wiggle dress. What are you waiting for, darling, go ahead and show of that fantastic figure!