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        1950s Pin Up Fashion & 1950s Style Clothing


        If you’re a mid-century maven with a flair for all things modern, you’ll find Unique Vintage’s selection of 1950s inspired clothing simply divine. The decade went down in history for the return of French haute couture, with a soft and feminine feel that was dubbed the New Look. Whether you prefer the bombshell appeal of the tight-fitting wiggle dress or the flowing fit of a Dior-inspired full skirt, Unique Vintage truly has it all — and so can you, darling!
        If you’re a fan of 1950s fashion, there’s nowhere better than Unique Vintage to shop for sweet and sassy clothing items in all of the decade’s most popular styles. This romantic era was known for its perfectly put-together women’s fashions with cinched waists, tailored bodices and wide, flared skirts, plus the perfect sweater set to wear on more casual days. Channel the timeless look of ‘50s clothing with our great selection of clothes in all styles and sizes — you’re sure to find something that suits you just right, darling!

        For long days at the office or even your most important special occasions, a perfectly fitted ‘50s dress is just the thing to make you feel unstoppable. We carry high-waisted pencil skirts that pair perfectly with V-neck cardigans, while our swing dresses feature that recognizable ‘50s dress that everyone knows and loves. These styles feature basic black colors, sheer tulle overlays and funky retro patterns for a bit of pizazz. If you’re looking for something more, daring, you’ll even find sultry wiggle dresses that hug every curve, but still keep things feminine with their sweet polka dot prints and floral details.

        Women’s 1950s clothing was also known for its all-American casual ensembles, which still looked slim and trim and ready for an afternoon at the malt shop. Try out a flattering pair of high-waisted capri pants that channel the French haute couture first made popular in the 1950s, or slip into a pair of cigarette trousers that show that you can keep up with the best of them. Pair either of these styles with the perfect cardigan, a collared shirt and the right shade of rich, matte lipstick and you’re sure to look flawless.