1920s Dresses and Flapper Inspired Fashion | Unique Vintage
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        1920s Dresses and Flapper Inspired Fashion - Unique Vintage

        In the roaring 20s, the clothing was glamorous and the women were elegant. If you just can’t get enough of the timeless fashions from this exciting era, Unique Vintage has a large selection of vintage-inspired art deco clothing that will tickle your fancy. Our 1920s collection includes hand-beaded flapper dresses, fringe flapper dresses, flapper girl costumes, feather headbands, vintage-inspired shoes and a wide variety of other gorgeous accessories that will transform you into one of the sassy and classy ladies that you admire in photographs.
        No true flapper look is complete without a fun and flattering 1920s dress. Unique Vintage carries an unbelievable selection of hand-beaded authentic flapper dresses that are modeled after creations straight from your favorite fashion era, from their short hemlines all the way down to their beaded and fringe details. Our 1920s-style flapper dresses are for costume parties or formal occasions where you want to truly stand out from the crowd.

        Complete your 20s look with some great accessories that are worthy of a Great Gatsby party. Unique Vintage carries everything from feather headbands to dancing shoes to make your flapper look truly authentic.