Flapper Dresses - 20s Vintage-Inspired Flapper Dresses | Unique Vintage
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        Flapper Dresses

        Flapper Dresses - 20s Vintage-Inspired Flapper Dresses - Unique Vintage

        The flapper style is timeless, and everything from movies to fashion runways can’t get enough of this exciting, classic era. Fill your retro wardrobe with gorgeous flapper dresses for your next costume party or formal occasion and you can stay both ahead of the trends and in tune with the styles from years gone by. Unique Vintage carries one of the largest selections of 20s reproduction flapper dresses that you’ll find anywhere, and with affordable price tags and a wide range of sizes any vintage-loving lady can try out this fabulous look.
        1920s dresses in basic black are both sleek and sexy, with just the right amount of hand-beaded embellishment. Unique Vintage carries a number of these fancy frocks in all styles and sizes, perfect for helping you channel your inner flapper. For a more colorful flapper dress, Unique Vintage also carries gorgeous creations in shades of red, pink, purple and green. Whether you prefer bold and colorful or dark and daring, Unique Vintage’s assortment of flapper dresses will not disappoint.