Fringe Flapper Dresses | Unique Vintage
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        Fringe Flapper Dresses

        Fringe 1920s Style Flapper Dresses - Unique Vintage

        You’ll be instantly transported back to the roaring 20s when you slip on one of these fringed dresses from Unique Vintage. Just like the fabulous flappers and Gatsby-era vixens of that exciting era, these dresses are the perfect blend of loose, carefree style and glitzy, glamorous details. Browse our selection of fringe flapper dresses for all sizes and price points and let your imagination run wild!
        For vintage lovers with dreams of dressing as a flapper for Halloween or an upcoming costume party, Unique Vintage carries more affordable options perfect for a night of dress up. At prices this low, you can afford to splurge a matching beaded headband or a fluffy feather boa to pair with your fringe dress and complete the flapper look.

        If you’ve got a formal event coming up, Unique Vintage’s large assortment of fringe dresses also includes one-of-a-kind, quality designs that will make you stand out from the crowd. Fringe flapper dresses with curve-hugging shapes, lush layers of fringe and an authentic vintage look will delight any 1920s admirer, and when you pair one with a bold piece of statement jewelry you’ll create an eveningwear look that is all your own. Our one-shoulder 1920s style flapper dresses are the perfect choice for a formal party or special dinner date, with clean lines and classic colors that will never go out of style.

        Whether you’re looking for a quirky costume or a formal dress, Unique Vintage’s affordable fringe flapper dresses are the ideal choice for all retro-loving fashion lovers.