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Unique Vintage Retro Style Red Floral Hair Wrap

Unique Vintage Retro Style Red Floral Hair Wrap

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The greatest thing since dry shampoo, darlings. A phenomenally versatile spring floral hair wrap, ideal for covering up bad hair days or to add a Pin-up perfect vintage touch to your ensemble. Tie and go fabulously, just like you always do, darling!
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Spot Clean
Sturdy, Woven Material Does Not Stretch
33" L x 9" H
Self Tie

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Just Right


07/18/2015 12:13 AM


Very nice but here's a tip if you want it to stay on your head...I noticed when I got it that the material was pretty slippery and I was hoping it was treated with something so that maybe I could do something about it...I didn't want it to keep slipping off my head! Since I was already in my bathroom, I just quickly took my bar of soap and got the band wet under my sink with warm water and got it a little soapy! I just wanted to be quick...I got it all lathered up...and it will still feel slippery while washing and rinsing but don't worry! After rinsing, I just squeezed out excess water and smoothed it out with my hand and hung it next to my towel...next morning, it had so much more texture! No color run while washing...easy!


07/02/2015 10:44 PM


Cute summer material- It is a piece of material so for the price I think its a bit high-

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