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1970s Style Guide

on 18 Aug, 2023
1970s Style Guide - Unique Vintage
The 1970s were a groundbreaking era for fashion, particularly for women. Disco music, vivid colors, and daring designs were on the rise, making the decade brim with stunning and unforgettable looks. From the bohemian hippie fashion to the glamorous disco style, there was a wide variety of options to suit everyone's taste.

1970s Women's Fashion

Fashion for women during the 1970s was characterized by several unique trends, such as bell-bottom jeans, maxi skirts, and hot pants. Women paired these items with accessories such as glittery platform shoes, wide-brimmed hats, and oversized sunglasses. Popular choices for attire incorporated floral prints, psychedelic patterns, and bright colors. Additionally, many women added a touch of glamour to their outfits with shimmery fabrics, sequins, and faux fur. During this decade, women were unafraid to experiment with bold fashion choices and make a statement.

Bell Bottoms


Bell bottoms were one of the most popular styles of the 1970s. These flared trousers began to gain popularity in the late 1960s, but they became a true fashion staple of the '70s. Bell bottoms were usually made from denim or corduroy and typically paired with a loose-fitting top and a chunky belt. Bell bottoms are still hot and are a great way to show off your retro style.

Maxi Skirts and Dresses

During the 1970s, maxi skirts and dresses were in vogue. These skirts and dresses were long and flowy, typically made of light materials like chiffon, silk, or cotton. They were worn with a fitted top or blouse or sometimes with a cropped jacket or cardigan for a layered appearance. Even today, maxi skirts and dresses remain famous in many styles and colors.

Hot Pants

Short shorts, known as "hot pants," were a fashion trend in the 1970s, particularly in the disco scene. These shorts were made of bright and shiny fabrics and were designed to flaunt the legs, allowing freedom of movement while dancing. Hot pants were typically paired with a tight top or tank; for a daytime look, they could be matched with a blouse or shirt. Additionally, hot pants can be dressed with accessories like a statement necklace or a wide belt.

Disco Fashion

In the 1970s, fashion was all about making a statement, and disco fashion was no exception. Disco fashion was known for its bright, bold colors, metallic fabrics, and sparkles. Ladies wore sequined tops, halter dresses, and platform shoes. Both men and women rocked bell bottoms and polyester shirts at the disco club. Platform shoes, flares, and jumpsuits were famous for the dance floor. Many people accessorize with large hoop earrings and statement necklaces to complete their look.

1970s Accessories

Accessories were essential to complete any outfit during the 1970s. Women often adorned themselves with wide-brimmed hats, colorful headbands, and oversized scarves. Men also had a variety of accessories to choose from, including loud patterned ties, pocket squares, and wide-brimmed hats. Fringed bags and oversized sunglasses were widespread among fashion-forward individuals. The era valued unique fashion choices, and accessories were a great way to make your outfit stand out.


During the 1970s, shoes played a significant role in fashion. Women often wore platform shoes with thick soles, while men could be seen sporting bell bottoms, platform sandals, or cowboy boots. These shoes were often brightly colored and patterned, making them a great way to add flair to an outfit. Men also had various dress shoes, including loafers and oxfords, for more formal occasions.

1970s Women's Hair

During the 1970s, women experimented with a range of hairstyles. Popular styles went from long and voluminous feathered hair to shorter shags and pixie cuts. The classic Farrah Fawcett style was incredibly trendy for those with longer hair. Some women even opted for a bold Afro, representing a political statement of black pride at the time.

1970s Fashion Icons

During the decade of the 1970s, Farrah Fawcett, Jane Fonda, and Cher were renowned for their fashion sense and unique styles. Farrah Fawcett's signature feathered hair, Cher's bold and glamorous looks, and Jane Fonda's chic and elegant style all helped define what it meant to be a fashionable woman.

Farrah Fawcett

Farrah Fawcett was recognized for her effortlessly cool style. Fashion-forward women of the 70s adored her for her signature feathered locks, bright red lips, and eclectic wardrobe. Farrah's style perfectly blended bohemian chic and classic Hollywood glamour. She often wore maxi skirts, bell bottoms, and bold patterns accessorized with statement-making pieces. Not only was her look fashionable, but it was also comfortable and easy to wear.

Jane Fonda

In the 70s, Jane Fonda was not only famous for her exercise videos but also for her fashion sense. Her style was a mix of sporty and sophisticated, with exaggerated bell bottoms, cropped sweaters, and sleek blazers. Bright colors and bold prints were also her favorite, which she complemented with her signature aviator sunglasses. Despite being fashionable, her looks were achievable for the everyday woman.


Cher was a fashion icon during the 70s, known for her distinctive and flamboyant look. She often wore long maxi skirts, colorful bell-bottom pants, striking tops, signature beaded necklaces, and large hoop earrings. Cher's style was daring, pushing boundaries with bold colors and unique silhouettes. Her fashion sense embraced individuality and experimentation, inspiring many women.
If you are looking for a taste of retro and vintage-inspired looks to spice up your wardrobe, the 1970s is the perfect period to draw inspiration from. Enjoy experimenting with classic and bold looks to be your best and unique self.
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