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1950s Unique Vintage Plus Size Light Pink Ruffled Chiffon Petticoat Crinoline
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1950s Unique Vintage Plus Size White Retro Style Ruffled Petticoat Crinoline
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Unique Vintage Plus Size 1950s Style Black Ruffled Petticoat Crinoline
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Unique Vintage 1950s White Retro Style Ruffled Petticoat Crinoline
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1950s Style White Petticoat Crinoline
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Unique Vintage 1950s Style Black Ruffled Petticoat Crinoline
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If you do not think of petticoats as a fashion accessory you need in your wardrobe, your vintage-inspired outfits may be falling flat. Petticoats have been around for hundreds of years, yet they made a big comeback in 1950s American fashion as what may have been the first retro clothing style.
Christian Dior revived the full-volume underskirt in 1947 with "The New Look," and his full skirt and hourglass silhouette just kept on influencing feminine fashion since then. Flouncy, fun and full of flair, petticoats are more than filler in the mainstream of the most fashionable closets.

Unique Vintage recognizes the significance of this foundation garment for fit-and-flare dresses, skirts and outfits. We are proud to offer a line of our own crinoline-style petticoats made with modern materials and comfort in mind.

What To Know Before You Billow

Before you dive into these adorable underskirts, our fiting tips can help you pick the one that best suits your needs and style. Consider what kind of skirt you plan to wear atop the petticoat; heavier fabrics will need a stronger base to fluff them up, while thinner fabrics work great with just a single petticoat to give it fullness.

Crinoline is a good pick for a solid foundation because it has extra support of more than one layer to give the right form to a full skirt or dress. If you crave va-va-va-voom volume, darling, you can also layer petticoats to add over-the-top flounce beneath your swing skirt or princess-style evening dress.

How To Make Sure You Measure Up

Length also plays into your decision when shopping for the right petticoat. Do you want the edges to show or not? A sneaky-peek of black lace or white ruffle can be a flirty detail that makes your retro outfit pop, darling, but too much make look like a fashion don’t.

Of course, you can always roll the waistband to make the undergarment a bit shorter, but remember to roll the waistband inward so you don't overstretch the elastic. You also want to make sure the elastic top of the petticoat is not visible. That's just tacky, darlings.

When To Hold ‘Em and When To Fold ‘Em

Donning and storing a petticoat takes a bit of foundational know-how, but we know you've got what it takes! These are our top tips to keep your petticoat in tip-top shape:
• Be careful taking the undergarment on and off. Take your shoes off first so they don't catch on the thinner fabric.
• Fluff it up to the sides when it's time for a bathroom break. The last thing you want, darling, is a petticoat a la com-mode.
• Shake your crinoline upside down and inside out, before and after wearing to keep the fluff factor going for the long haul.
• Store your petticoat on a hanger, hanging inside out, which also helps to retain the volume.
• Never store your crinoline in a drawer, where it will only get squashed and flattened.
• Keep in mind that petticoats can take up a bit of space, both in the closet and when you're riding the bus or sitting in crowded areas. Give it plenty of room to breathe.

One final fashion tip is to have a good time. Petticoats are tons of fun by their very nature, and our vintage options increase the glee with each flouncy layer. Unique Vintage carries size inclusive options so that everyone can join in the fun. Add a petticoat or two to your order when shopping for ‘50s retro dresses and skirts, and enjoy free shipping when you spend over $150.
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