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Get a Free Pair of Rainbow Sunglasses with a Purchase of Any Pride Item!
Get a Free Pair of Rainbow Sunglasses with a Purchase of Any Pride Item!

Jurassic Park x Unique Vintage

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 Unique Vintage Jurassic Park Collection Thanks for stopping by to check out our amazing Unique Vintage collection of Jurassic Park clothing, darlings. Because who can resist an entire island full of cloned dinosaurs that have been brought to life by totally sketch methods? We sure can’t, even though chaos ensued and ultimately turned Isla Nublar into one of the most terrifying places on the planet.
Jurassic Park T-Shirts, Dinosaur Dresses and Clothing
On the hunt for vintage Jurassic Park T-shirts and retro-inspired dinosaur dresses? How about some Unique Vintage accessories that feature designs inspired by this 1993 blockbuster movie, which depicted a poorly thought-out (yet thoroughly entertaining) cloning process that went horribly awry? Pair a Jurassic Park T-shirt or button-down shirt style with your favorite jeans, pants or a movie-themed dinosaur print skirt for an adventurous look that is sure to stand out in a crowd. Our tees extend a warm welcome to Jurassic Park, feature the DNA cartoon figure from the in-movie park trailer or remind you of that velociraptor who got the one-up on a skilled hunter, who chose his last words wisely: “Clever girl.” Find all kinds of Jurassic Park clothing with fossils print, from vintage dinosaur dresses and button-downs to hair scarves. Or maybe our exotic frond and T-rex print will speak to your inner dino lover more!

Fun, Frightening Flair: Unique Vintage Fandom Clothing
Shop flattering and fun Jurassic Park clothing looks in this exclusive collection of dinosaur-themed clothing with irresistibly charming vintage flair. While you’re here, discover some of your other fave classic characters, movies and shows that we all just can’t get enough of. In addition to our Jurassic Park clothing and apparel, don’t miss our other collections that include cheery Hello Kitty or Wizard of Oz looks, colorful Care Bears attire and spirited Pride items.

Like Vintage? You’ll Love Unique Vintage
Love vintage-inspired clothing, ahref=""> shoes and accessories ? Lucky you, darling: Unique Vintage is the place to be. Each item focuses on comfort and quality and has a fabulous attention to detail for the next generation of fashionistas. Shop our clothing, dresses and swimwear for awesome wardrobe inspo. Don’t forget to visit our new arrivals for hot-off-the-runway styles, prints and more themed looks.
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