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Fashion of the 1950s swung away from the practical war-time looks of the '40s toward a more traditionally feminine look. Tucked-in waists accentuated your hourglass shape, and you were ready for anything once you threw on a string of pearls. If you've got an urge to flaunt your curvy figure with vintage style, 1950s fashion from Unique Vintage is perfect for you!
All About the Drama

The 1950s were the Hollywood heydays, and everyone wanted to tap into their inner star power by emulating film's leading actresses. Hemlines rose to the knee, flirty accessories were all the rage, and evening wear took on added drama. The '50s fashion trends are definitely our favorite parts of the good old days. Read on for more details that make the collection at Unique Vintage the go-to for all your neato 1950s outfits, darling!

The New Look

Once the war was over, designers like Christian Dior saw refreshed possibilities for 1950s fashion. He padded shoulders, emphasized the bustline and nipped in the waistline of full skirts for the trend he dubbed The New Look. Where did that fullness come from? If you peeked under the skirt, you might have found colorful, flirty petticoats for the perfect foundation.

This hourglass shape shows up in the Unique Vintage 1950s collection with swing dresses, circle skirts and cocktail dresses that look like they walked right off the set of Mad Men. Even our '50s-era vintage pants give you that distinctive style with more versatility than lovely ladies enjoyed back in the day.

Accentuate the Positive

No woman was fully dressed in the 1950s without the right accessories. From gloves to cat-eye glasses to fascinator hats that take a cue from Jackie Kennedy's pillbox hats, we've included stylish accessories in our collection that complement all your 1950s outfits. Stock up on sparkly, enameled brooches, glamorous, bejeweled clip-on earrings and the obligatory string of pearls to take your 1950s-inspired retro look over the top. You can't go wrong with fashion jewelry from our vintage collection.

But the quintessential 1950s fashion accessory was the handbag, where women carried everything from perfume bottles to embroidered handkerchiefs. Lucite was the futuristic purse material of the burgeoning Space Age, but we've got updated handbags in leatherette with tortoiseshell details that mimic that stylish look.

Dawn of the LBD

Film stars of the 1950s like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe forever changed eveningwear by bringing the iconic Little Black Dress into the world. In fact, Hepburn's turn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" made such an impression on 1950s fashion that it's still the look women go crazy for today. The 1950s Collection at Unique Vintage brings you updated LBDs in swing dresses, off-the-shoulder styles and lacy cocktail dresses that will let you step out in effortless 1950s style, darling! Top it with a dressy coat, pair it with perky Mary Janes, and you are ready to step out and step back in time.
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